How To Have a Beautiful Mind (Part Of Attitude)

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In this post, I wanna share a summary of attitude from Edward De Bono Book with the title " How To Have A Beautiful Mind." Firstly, I m so happy when I learned about the values of this book. Attitude is very much related to self-image. The clever person has to be correct and more clever than anyone else. The 'guardian of values" insists that only values matter and know the correct values. There is the person who plays dumb and invites sympathy and help. Some are so reasonable they never reach a conclusion or an opinion. The bully uses conversations as only another means of bullying—the today allies themselves to the most powerful person in the group. The innovator is only looking for opportunities to suggest creative new ideas. The bored person affects being bored and having heard it all before. There is the battle attitude of win-lose. There is the ego power game where domination is the intention. The learner's attitude always seeks to learn something new. The explorer attitude seeks the truth and to fully understand the matter. The constructive attitude seeks to design a way forward. The fun attitude sees conversation as entertainment. The "who cares?" attitude believes that what is said in a conversation does not matter at all.